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Arts for Inclusive Community 


Community art engage people of different abilities, culture and social status to create arts together. It enhances social inclusion by facilitating mutual understanding and promoting harmonious interaction among different parties. 

Arts for Inclusive Community Service

Inclusive art service


  1. 公融目的 (E.g. 讓公眾認識自閉症 )

  2. 參與公眾  (E.g. 灣仔區區民及21歲以上自閉症青年)

  3. 預算

  4. ​活動日期

Seesaw Expressive Arts Therapy & Counseling can deliver community inclusive program with Expressive Arts (including: visual arts, play, dance and movement, drama & creative writing). Please provide the below information for our reference-

  1. Inclusion goal (E.g. getting the public to understand Autism Spectrum Disorder)

  2. Participants (E.g. residents in Wan Chai and ASD youth above age 21)

  3. Budget

  4. ​Dates

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