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創辦人介紹 The Founder

Ms.Liz Tong

Ms Liz Tong


Person in charge

Registered Arts Therapist, ANZACATA

YTTC 500hr

Master of Expressive Arts Therapy (The University of Hong Kong)  

Bachelor Degree, Design (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Liz 是註冊藝術(表達藝術)治療師、專業瑜珈導師及資深內觀(Vipassana Meditation) 修習者,已修習正念靜觀12年。Liz 善於融合表達藝術、心理輔導及正念靜觀於心理治療服務中。於2019年初成立朝日正念工作室,開辦兒童及成人靜心藝術、正念靜觀及瑜珈課程推動全人健康。曾服務焦慮、抑鬱、過動症、行為規範障礙的人士超過1300小時。2022年初獲社創基金資助 手牽手。藝童遊 項目,為6間小學共36名自閉症及36名低收入家庭學生提供表達藝術治療服務,提升表達能力、社交能力及自信心,促進校內共融。

Liz is a Registered Art (Expressive Arts) Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher and a Vipassana Meditator for12yrs. She is skilled at integrating Expressive Arts Therapy, counseling and Mindfulness into her therapy services. With the passion to promote holistic health, Liz set up The Rising Sun Mindfulness Studio in early 2019 providing Mindful arts, Mindfulness and Yoga course. She served people with anxiety, depression, ADHD, conduct disorder etc. for over 1300 hr. In 2022, Liz received SIE fund's support for the ArtsConnect project,  providing Expressive Arts Therapy services for 6 primary school, promoting the self-expression, social skill and confidence for 36 nos. of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and 36 nos. of students coming from the low income family, facilitating school inclusion. 

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